Security, comfort & durability

The new Cut Range combines the need of high cut protection and expectations in terms of safety, comfort and durability with:

- An appropriate cut protection (610: cut level C; 615: cut level D) and a clear marking on the back of the glove. 

Optimal comfort with a soft and silky texture on the interior side, flexibility and dexterity at finger-tips with excellent air circulation.

- Durability thanks to the holding properties of the coating and performance maintained after 3 washes at 40°C.

- A skin protection with an efficient yarn covering of composite fibres and/or steel fibres. Both Krytech 610 & 615 are silicone free.

Krytech 610 and Krytech 615 are for industries such as: automotive industry, aeronautics, metal industry, mechanical industry, building industry and glass industry.

Krytech 615 has touch screen technology : no need to remove our gloves using smartphones, tablets... 


For more information, please refer to the related product page :

KryTech 610 New
Cut Protection

KryTech 610

A cut protection with a maximum comfort

KryTech 615 New
Cut Protection

KryTech 615

High cut protection without any compromise on comfort and dexterity. Usable with touch screens.

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