Not only do we care for people, we also care for the environment around us.

At Mapa Professional, we are fully aware that respecting the environment is part of our responsibility.

Our Commitments:

Reduce our environmental footprint

We are determined to select the most responsible raw materials possible. At the production level, we monitor the environmental footprint of our sites and are committed to reducing it. In addition to this, our factories are ISO 14001 certified (environmental management). Finally, we are working to optimise our logistics and are committed to the Fret 21 programme, to reduce our transport-related greenhouse gas emissions by 5% over three years (by the end of 2022).

Implement our eco-design initiative

We carried out Life Cycle Analyses (LCA) to identify where our main environmental impacts lay. This enabled us to develop an eco-design grid, including good practices to be applied throughout the product's life cycle: raw materials, production, life span, end of life.

More than 50% of our mechanical gloves are washable to guarantee an extended lifespan and to reduce the amount of waste generated by our users. In addition, 100% of our packaging is recyclable and we have already reduced the plastic packaging through the Optipack programme*: - 38% of plastic on our best sellers manufactured in Malaysia, which means a saving of 22 tonnes of plastic in 2020.

Discover our washability guide

Our goals by 2025

Systematise the search for more sustainable raw materials for each new development and more specifically

  • Offer a range made of FSC certified latex
  • Use recycled PET in 100% of PET-based gloves
  • Offer a range of gloves made from bio-based materials

Reduce the environmental footprint of our factories (since 2016)

  • 20% reduction in water consumption
  • 90% reduction of waste sent to landfill disposal
  • 25% reduction of our energy usage
  • 30% reduction of our greenhouse gas emissions

Reduce our plastic comsumption

  • Continue to reduce product packaging through the deployment of the 'Optipack' programme*
  • Redefinition of our packaging specifications

Extend the lifespan of our products & write usage and washing guides for users

  • Aiming for 100% of cut-resistant gloves washable

Investigate on improved product’s end-of-life (recycling & donations)

*Optipack is a programme that consists of folding gloves in half to reduce packaging size and therefore reduce the amount of plastic used