The workstations in the automotive industry

  • Stamping:

Metalworking department where flat metal sheets are blanked and formed by a machine-press to give them desired shape.

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  • Bodyshop:

Primary assembly department where metal parts are set together to form the vehicle body and structure.

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  • Paintshop:

Where vehicle body is cleaned and degreased, before being coated with sucessively anti-corrosive, primer, colored top-coat, and ultimately clearcoat layers.

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  • Mechanics:

Workshops where mechanical units such as engine, gearbox, transmission parts, and other axles are being manufactured and assembled.

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  • Assembly:

Final production line where all components are set together to complete the building of a vehicle.

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  • Maintenance:

Cross-functional department dedicated to set, and maintain the machines and tools involved in the production.

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  • Logistics:

Another cross-functionnal department, handling parts from manufacturing workshops or from warehouses, to the workstations where they will be used or assembled on the vehicle.

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