Temp-Tec NL517

Temp-Tec NL517

A double-layer glove, with thermal insulation and extended length for extra arm protection.

Thermal Protection

Specific advantages

  • Excellent thermal insulation, due to double-knit cotton
  • Good grip of wet or slippery objects,
  • Multi-purpose chemical resistance (acids, aliphatic solvents) increased by the thickness of the material


Other industries

  • Boiler room work
  • Handling of hot piping
  • Handling of moulds in the ceramic industry
  • Manufacture of adhesives
  • Manufacture of insulating electric wires
  • Road works in cold conditions
  • Steam cleaning

Food industry

  • Filleting Fish

Rubber industry

  • Polymer extrusion

Mechanical industry

  • Chemical treatment of metals
  • Oil quenching of steel

Petrochemical industry

  • Sampling of hot petrochemical products


  • CAT. 3Cat. 30334
  • Mechanical hazards EN 3882212
  • Heat and fire EN 40702XXXX
  • Cold hazards EN 511111

Product detail

ColourBlack, blue
Interior FinishKnitted thermal protection
Exterior FinishPebbled
Length (inches)17.0”
Thickness (inches)Heavy Weight
Size8 9 10
Packaging1 pair/bag
6 pairs/carton

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