Ultrane 500P - packshot

Ultrane 500P

Padded Palm provides added protection against minor bumps and scrapes

Handling Protection

Specific advantages

  • Nitrile Coating provides excellent abrasion resistance
  • Color adapted to dirty environements for a prolonged durability.
  • Grip and Proof coating ensures an excellent grip in oily environment
  • Oil proof, palm coating repels oil penetration and reduce dermatitis

Specific features

Excellent Grip, Oil Proof and Padded Palm


Automotive/mechanical industry

  • Handling oily mechanical parts
  • Handling and sorting small, sharp parts
  • Machining parts using cutting oil
  • Stacking oily panels

Mechanical industry

  • Cutting and stamping metal
  • Maintenance in wet environments (water, oil, greases, hydrocarbons)

Glass industry

  • Handling glass sheets

Other industries

  • Maintenance in wet environments


  • Mechanical hazards EN 3884121A
  • ISO 13997:
    3.4N (327g)

Product detail

MaterialNitrile GRIP&PROOF coating
Interior FinishTextile support
Exterior FinishNon-slip grip
Length (inches)9.0-11.0”
Packaging1 pair/bag
96 pairs/carton

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