KryTech 380 - packshot

KryTech 380

Best cut protective glove for heavy duty work in oily environments

Cut Protection

Specific advantages

  • Large cuff: Easy to put and remove  - Reduction of RSI (musculoskeletal symptons) risks  
  • Large cuff and cotton inside: good perspiration management
  • Longer service life: excellent mechanical resistance (abrasion, perforation)
  • Excellent grip for better productivity
  • Skin protected on palm and knuckle in oily/wet conditions
  • Silicone free to prevent traces, defects on metal sheet and glass prior to painting


Automotive/mechanical industry

  • Handling parts post-press
  • Pressing metal, handling metal sheets

Mechanical industry

  • Cutting and stamping metal
  • Metal stamping in very oily environments


  • CAT. 2Cat. 2
  • Mechanical hazards EN 3884344B
  • Heat and fire EN 407X1XXXX
  • ANSI cut A2
  • ISO 13997:
    7.6N (775g)

Product detail

MaterialNitrile GRIP&PROOF coating
ColourBlack, grey
Interior FinishSeamless textile support from HDPE and cotton fibres
Exterior FinishVentilated back
Length (inches)8.3-8.7”
Thickness (inches)0.079” (79 mil)
Size8 9 10
Packaging1 pair/bag
6 pairs/bag
48 pairs/carton

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